Modern Garment Steamer

Modern Garment Steamer

Rated power 2200 W
Working hours 70 minute
Water tank capacity 2.2 L
Rated voltage 220V~50Hz
1, the type design, exquisite, noble, taste, atmosphere of different styles can be reflected.
2, with ironing, disinfection, removal of sputum, wrinkle, dust, steam dry cleaning and other functions.
3, in the air-dry place, can choose the work of low power, play the role of room humidification.
4, for any clothing, no damage to the clothing.
5, super steam, cleaning and disinfection, hand-held cleaners kill bacteria up to 99.9%.
6,45 seconds rapid heating spray, according to the size of the tank, sustainable ironing more than 50 minutes.
7, 98 ° high temperature steam ironing clothes, do not damage the clothes, do not pick the fabric, do not pick the style.
8, separate tanks, add water quickly and easily.
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